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Welcome and Bienvenido/a to The SPANISH ADVANTAGE SCHOOL


Please contact us for details about our Spanish courses coming soon featuring the Advantage Fast learning Techniques (FLT) including the Association Method.

¿Thinking of Spanish? ¡Think Advantage!


If you want to learn Spanish that you can use from day one and with teachers trained in the Spanish Advantage method, this is the school for you.

Each course is carefully graded by level with clear objectives and contents to make sure you are always in your comfort zone but always challenged. Among the differences that make the difference at our school are the FLTs (Fast Learning Techniques), which we are experts in, and can mean learning up to 10 times faster.

Do you know the word for "King" in Spanish?

Using the Link Word Method for example, we'd say "Think of a Spanish King called "Ray". " Which sounds just like "rey", king in Spanish. Easy.

Although it's not unique to us, the way we integrate it into the course certainly is. Suddenly, grammar and vocabulary not only become easier and quicker to learn but also a lot more fun! Our competitively priced courses work out cheaper than the low cost courses due to our techniques and experienced teachers. If you buy cheap in the short term, you'll pay more in the long run.
To find out how you can learn Spanish in Barcelona on our best value for money courses, contact us today.

¡Hasta pronto!
It's easy to learn Spanish here in Barcelona

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